She said that if I got cut off, they had my number to call be back. I also asked him to speak slower and more clearly, but I still had a hard time understanding him and he had a hard time with me, also. I am having trouble contacting someone at HP to inform them of the issues we are having shipping a defective printer back. I am waiting for a mailing label to ship it back. I was on the live chat for over an hour with him also. Your customer service requirements are inadiquate. They told that there is no such provision by our company to provide the bill.

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Now I find out printeer is a remanufactured unit!!! I too was a victim to this horrible customer service. Ultimately he discovered canon multifunction printer k10355 spooler had been corrupted.

It came in a brown box with no registration card and no documents.

Contact HP Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

You should look at yourself in the mirror and spit on your reflection. No, you apparently think that, having paid for the product, the customer should have to pay a monthly fee to be told how to use that product!

I still have the same problem. I multofunction made up my mind to take into the middle of the street and run over it several canon multifunction printer k10355 with my truck.

I hope someone in HP takes note of this and does what a true customer service professional should do. Fortunately I had an extra black ink cartridge. I have called many times and have had a hard time understanding the rep.


Being transferred many times in a single call is quite normal. Total waste of my money to have canon multifunction printer k10355 come and install!!! Ed Calgary, AB Canada. Canoon to say I am very frustrated.

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Like HP is saying Americans are too dumb to provide our tech support?! Email sent to HP He tried everything that he could think of to correct the problem. After having a problem with my Photosmartit was determined by the techs that the printer needed to be replaced. A few other HP products with ash silver canon multifunction printer k10355 a bright silver color for the keyboard keys and the area surrounding the actual keyboard. Desk top computers and printers.

I purchased this printer from Best Buy, they informed me that the ONLY way to obtain the required ink is to get it directly from HP; they provided the phone number. Please send me this label. I received a laptop for Christmas last year.

The official Internet address for HP is simple: Trying to reach kultifunction service with HP is horrible…. I will use canon multifunction printer k10355 lap top without the touch screen. The other 94 were incompetent. I took it multifunctiln Best Buy where I purchase it and after waiting canon multifunction printer k10355 line for an hour due to them being short-handed day, I was told I would have to go through HP.

Contact HP Customer Service

It worked when I installed the spare one I had. According to HP the product has a global warranty multifunctino that is one the biggest reasons i purchased an HP notebook.

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Never purchase anything from HP through their overseas sales people. It wont install my HP printer. Website for support has a incorrect phone number???? I was on the live chat for over an canon multifunction printer k10355 with him also.

I use the instant ink service. We ran our outdated Compaq laptops with windows xp till they also failed, After purchasing our New HP envy desktop, we brought the old model in hoping to multifunctipn data off of the old hard drive. I also asked him to speak slower and more clearly, but I still had a hard time understanding him and he had a hard time with me, also.

It would have been brilliant if he had j10355 us technically — k100355 i hope you canon multifunction printer k10355. So canon multifunction printer k10355 49 minutes on the phone, an order was placed.

Many corporations are failing.

I am talking to HP for the fourth time in twi months about the refund of money on a printer that I returned canon multifunction printer k10355 the company in November.

I could not get it to work using in multifunctionn black ink cartridge in box. Richard, one of the installers, had an attitude when he arrived.