It won’t sync up. Cubase will not see the audio. Where did those other licenses come from? The company has been developing. I’ll look into your theory but not sure how the editor windows could not be synchronized. If you think you really already entered your code, it didn’t work. All connections are correct and my inputs aren’t muted.

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ASIO driver problem –

I’m holding cubaase formatting cos i really can’t be bothered, but i’ve re-installed several different drivers and reinstalled cubase quite a number of times, maybes its just one of those things. In summary, my interfaces both work with other programs but Cubase is not seeing the signal on an audio track, and I’m pretty sure I have done setups correctly. Playback works normally through this interface. And finally the track. There is no mention of any license at all in the documentation that came with the mixer.

I’m using a licensed copy and have the eLicenser dongle of course. Samsung Ml Driver. I just keep getting no valid asio driver appearing in the device setup window. Thanks for the good clues, roel and Elektrobolt! VST Connections, two screens The track setting.


It won’t sync up. I just can’t see why my mic won’t record a sound With these caveats in mind, it’s easy to recommend the Cubase System 4 as a complete solution into which you can plug a mic, a synth. This tells me the problem is with Cubase or my setups in Cubase.

The audio meter shows nothing for the track, and nothing is recorded valod I try. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Everything was working perfectly previously and I’m not aware of any significant changes recently.

Cubase playback is good; I can playback my Cubase project no problem. Last night I was thinking this is something simple The current equivalent screen shot does not show the same circled items, as the working one does. All connections are cbase and my inputs aren’t muted. I’ve checked and rechecked my Device Setup and VST Connections multiple times and it seems that Cubase just isn’t accepting the audio signal from either of two interfaces.

So cibase I’m doing something wrong in the problem project s.


As for which license supposed to be included with the mixer. In this project no audio channel will record, including freshly added ones and already-recorded ones.

I actually have never noticed the input channels are even shown here! A few days ago I bought a YamahaMGc-usb mixing desk. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The Cubase LE aaio came as a freebie with adio hardware item I bought some time back, but on that occasion Cubase also refused to work so I gave up on it, uninstalled Cubase and left it at that.

I’ll post if I figure it out but I’m completely mind boggled at this point.

I’m a long- time lurker, first- time poster- All of the sudden, when I load Cubase 3. See how the meter is showing a level. Here’s some shots from a project that does NOT allow recording. M-Audio Axiom Pro All times are GMT