I am having the exact same problems with my ,so they are going to send me a ,but I can only run Mac 9. I think that with this printer you will also have to periodically open it up and check the tubing and clean the heads. The main reason that I like the Epson printers is because I prefer the Epson software – which is relatively small, easy to install, and for me has been absolutely error free. Thats like having a flat tire,and the garage says throw away your car,we’ll give you another one I didn’t see any posts on it in particular and wondered if that is a good thing. Why can’t their be places like this for your car????? Oh sir, it appears that this model is out of warranty Me:

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Hit me back i can replace some cartridges for ya!!

You lost a loyal customer – even the sales guy at Staples told me to not buy another Epson. I think back and would really like it back.

We’ve changed, we promise. Two don’t work do you think if I call again I will get another???? The printer refuses to attempt a nozzle check or a head cleaning as long as it believes no ink remains in one or more of the cartridges. I pinter been in technology for 20 years Thanks everyone for your tips.


I called the Epson – unknown.

Epson Stylus CX Specs – CNET

I checked the link provided pronter – www. To make a long story short, he did waive the 9. All I get is blank pages and I wasted so much ink on doing their stupid nozzle check and clean printer heads. All I can say about this thing is thats its possessed! I’ve ran the cleaner cycle 6 times, let it sit overnight and still nothing. Root cause of problem- Stupid Egineering Design. But the guy I talked to was very nice and friendly.

I called the customer service center last night. Finally they decided to send me a upgraded replacement CX But as you may see in many of the posts in this forum, given a short amout of time, the thing just craps out!

Disconnect the plastic elbow from both tubes.

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

I literally ripped it apart to get to the “print head,” another piece of junk. It would be better to get a refund than to have Epson send a CX Hell i can send ya a few cartridges if you want. The disassembly instructions referenced are not for a CX at least the one I have. The main reason that I like the Epson printers is because I prefer the Epson software – which is relatively small, easy to install, and for me has been absolutely error free. I’m very disappointed with Epson and will put my future money into a more reliable machine.


I purchased the head cleaning fluid from this site and it didn’t work – still getting the blank pages.

I too had a cx stop printing. What is with your loyality Kung Fu Pimp???? I will look for a new brand.

Epson CX4600

It looks like all my documents are backed eppson in there. Maybe they will cut me some slack. That wasted a TON of ink.

No, I dont work for Epson I think they should do a total recall of all CX since they have had so much trouble with them. Well, I get to join the club. Another fix I’d like to see invented is a detachable ink cartridge holder for ease of removing and cleaning with a cheap cleaner rather than with expensive ink that just makes the clogs worse.