When you drop a thumbnail image into a box of the template, the image is rotated automatically as needed for that position in the series. Perform the above calibration step until you are comfortable that you can measure the calibration object accurately and that the displayed results have the accuracy needed. It is an independent resource that includes companies our customers have worked with. With this option selected, the Apply charges and Bill to insurance check boxes under Billing Options become unavailable because the procedure will be posted with a zero dollar fee and will not be billed to insurance. View image set – If you have selected an image set such as a full mouth series or bitewings , to view all the images in the set at once in the viewing area, click tap the Template Mode button. Dentrix Ascend’s imaging provides a web-based interface for image acquisition and management of images which are used in the field of Dentistry and when operated by dental professionals who are responsible for providing dental care.

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You can resume incomplete exams and recover missing images.

Non-touch-enabled device – Position your mouse pointer over a specific area of the image, and then click. Click Tap Proceed with Acquisition gendex twain start acquiring images for the corresponding acquisition type. You can delete a single image or a series of gendex twain from a patient’s record.

You can also click tap the Previous and Next buttons to navigate between the images in the set. Specify the date that the procedure was performed. This gendex twain is available only for intraoral and extraoral photos. To twaib the calculated angle where two line segments meet, select the Show angle A check box.


You can determine which teeth have images associated with them from a patient’s clinical chart and progress gendex twain. To remove all gwain from the image, click tap Gendex twain All. After you complete the instructions to install the acquisition agent and the drivers for the selected acquisition devices, you can begin acquiring images. Imaging Hardware and Software. The Delete Exam confirmation message appears.

Dentrix Ascend Imaging

Their support is better than any other imaging software. Any unauthorized duplication or use of Dentrix Ascend, in whole or in part, in print or in any other storage and gendex twain system is forbidden. Select the check boxes of the images that you want to attach to the claim.

The selected image or the first of the selected image set appears in the viewing area. Intraoral sensor using a version 1. The procedures that are associated with the images that gendex twain are moving will be deleted or voided if older than days in the original patient’s record and posted to the new patient’s record. Gendex twain Tap Finish Acquisition. For each image you want to acquire, position a phosphor plate in the patient’s mouth, and align your X-ray source cone to gendex twain at the sensor, utilizing the paralleling or bisecting angle techniques.

For an intraoral X-ray series, do the following: To get the density gray level of gendex twain rectangular area on gendex twain image X-ray images onlydo the following:. To remove gendex twain last annotation that you added to the image, click tap Undo. To view a patient’s image history Use the Patient Search field to access a patient’s record.

Clear this check box to export the images as.

KaVo Service Imaging

Operating System Operating gendex twain patched to latest version and security updates Anti-Virus Software Anti-virus software patched to latest version and virus definitions Display inch measured diagonally monitor for PC and Mac x resolution for PC, Mac, and iPad. For each snapshot that needs tooth numbers assigned to it, do the following: To rearrange images in an exam Use the Patient Search field to access a patient’s record.

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The patient’s imaging page opens to the history view, and gendex twain most recent image or image set such as a gendex twain twaih series or bitewings is selected by default on the Images tab. Gendex products integrate with the most popular programs for image acquisition and practice management. To move an image to an empty box in the template, drag the image to the desired box.

KaVo Service – KaVo. Dental Excellence.

To show the calculated length of each line segment, select the Show segment length SL check box. You do not need to install the acquisition agent on computers that you will be using to only view gendex twain. To attach images to a claim Click Tap a claim on the Unsent Claims page, gendex twain Sent Claims page, a patient’s Insurance Claims page, or a patient’s ledger.

They do not manufacture hardware. To add a shape, do the following: If you genxex the brightness or contrast, the corresponding button becomes orange. Distance and Gendex twain measurements gendex twain calculated from specified points after calibration from an object with a known length.

It comes with Upix QuickVision imaging software. The options to acquire an image become available. We do not recommend any specific brand of sensor or software.