My kernel panic is as follows: As I say, they all boot up and function properly, as all 5 drives appear when I attach the enclosure to a tower. It gives users the opportunity to connect to external hard drives at a faster rate than ever before, and this will be beneficial for power users who work with large video and image files. I have installed no drivers. I assume so since otherwise you’d just leave it in, just ejecting any attached discs.

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I did not try inserting the Expresscard without out the enclosure being powered. And, I can mount drives, and hot swap drives, and copy and use drives at great speed. Also no response from Sonnet client service about this development. So far the successes seem to be rather random.

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I finished installing SnowLeopard on it and had no issue except for my iStatmenu not working anymore, but seems like islayer is working on a fix already. Do that -first thing- before relying on it. In his case a natively supported JMicron chip based card. No Co-shipping item in shopping cart. Hopefully the unibody models are a little better at heat dissipation, but I don’t expect them to be immune either.


Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion? | MacRumors Forums

They send it from HongKong and were great in keeping in touch when I found that the package had been opened during mailing from HongKong.

After reading all of this my heart just sank.

I’m running a 17″MBP Any chance that Silicon Image or anyone else will rewrite the SiI driver, or is that wishful thinking? Next time try to open the drive icon on the desktop vs running another app – just to see if the drive is in sleep mode.

Status All Unanswered Processing Answered. The above results were with an OS X If I had one I’d disable spotlight indexing on it and turn off hibernate mode saves writing GB’s of ram contents to disk at sleep – plus delete the existing sleepimage file, saving GBs of SSD space.

Pulled that card and have been using them w the Firewire interface since. expersscard

However, external hard drives with USB 2. I also used the non-RAID driver, but never tried it with So I guess “they” are right – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

I’ve cleared driver caches, booted with -f option to rebuild driver cache, etc, and nothing seems to expresscarrd the reliability of it. All three have worked fine with Sil driver and OS I’m guessing this card is Sil chip based.


Will let you know if it works. I may mirror at some point, but have no need yet, and frankly, am just not that brave yet with this card as it concerns my data. I assume so since otherwise you’d just leave it in, just ejecting any attached discs. If the data was that important you would l have found a way within days of moving to Snow Leopard how you can access it. For months, no one had the answer, Lacie, digidesign, apple, friends and family. You can also do a “MD5” compare on files from the terminal but the large DMG example is easier for most.

My concern is getting to that data, not setting up a new storage system.

I started poking around for new drivers, and stumbled on this thread from over a year ago. Sure hope this gets resolved. It is however quite a bit more expensive. I hope for you that finally the driver and the year written works The only fix is to format and start over with different connection. Close Clear Search History.