They have shorter shafts than equivalent clubs. It is strictly up to each company as to what the bounce will be for each head in each model of irons they create. The face blasting on the new Sterling wedges is the same as it is on all the other Sterling Irons — a silicon glass bead blasting treatment. I currently play with a standard length set and use my 4-iron off the tee, as this is the longest club that I can hit consistently. This is a perfect deal for the club company, because they have no risk of losing money. Then much later when they grow up and get a higher, more normal clubhead speed, then it becomes more possible to consider a single length set. It will include a 3w, 5w, 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid that will be able to be built to optional lengths of 40,

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Is shorter even a possibility here?


Tom thanks for pursuing the single club length concept. I am interested in the Sterling heads, but my question is about shafting. Sounds like you might max-out at about 43 inches! A typical miss for me with my old Driver was a much more severe smother say yards into the hazard or out of bounds resulting in a double or a triple. I would do some experimenting with just choking down at first to get a sense of how short you want the clubs to be.

I think the bigger advantage of having same-length clubs would actually be having all clubs with the same lie angle—meaning each club could be swung in the same plane. TBT 5 months ago. Anyway — I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and was wanting information of your nearest fitter so I can purchase a set of these cool clubs. This is how much does it cost to reshaft a great how much does it cost to reshaft a.


The Custom Shop reserves the right to stamp in the most appropriate locations.

You have to adjust and hit different shots, no different that the single lengths, if you need to hit lower, higher, cuts, fades, you still have to adapt by choking up, opening the face, etc. I had to reshaft my Diablo Octane driver before the end of last season.

Your choice, but we can help you for how much does it cost to reshaft a fo into sticks that really can fit you much better than anything else you have had.

I use a 90g setup that, I am told, causes issues trying to keep the length shorter. Ken, I understand your frustration, and I wish I could clarify things for you.

This is a big deal to me, and it gave me the most trouble. For them, switching to hybrids and fairway woods are the alternative. Also depending on the single length chosen, the cosg may find that shot distances with the high loft irons and wedges are longer than the golfer was used to in the conventional length set.

For graphite, a hacksaw with an abrasive blade works well. Yanick, best wishes to you.

SHAFT REVIEW! – UST Recoil Iron Shafts

Machismo has taken over the marketing of golf equipment. With traditional irons the shots had often a left side trajectory I am right handedwith the Serling ones I can how much does it cost to reshaft a straighter. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions a great deal. Hope reshaftt helps and thanks so much for your continued interest, TOM. So at the very best, from my work I can see that it is possible to ckst a dpes into 4 different lengths, but not likely less than that — Driver then 1 or 2 fwy woods of the same length, then 1 or 2 hybrids of the same length, then 8 irons of the same length.

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He responded by putting together a very entertaining show that demonstrates his great ball striking prowess, also while strapped into a special seat on the back side of his golf cart.

Thanks and great job wih this article!!!!

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long? : Rogers Golf

One of the selling points is, no more mishits, so it only make sense to compare every shot hit. Below that speed and we do not recommend the golfer use the rehaft hybrid or 5 iron in the Sterling set. Shoot, there are still a lot of those players clinging to a muscleback blade in their irons!

I have a couple of follow up questions. I also gave a lesson to a young lady, a client of mine, who attends U of Tampa.

I am a beginner and yet I have known my clubs are too long for me. Most older men have it.