I once read somewhere that synth presets are designed for the floor of a musical instrument store, where several other sounds sources are competing for your attention. There is no free lunch, and many many performance compromises were made on the GR, to maintain a profit margin and deliver a multi-function unit at a specific target price, and not a penny more! You can tell they strive to improve and overcome any problem and just make it better. I had a problem with the patches that featured guitar and amp modeling not the pcm synth sounds-they are OK: More about the Roland US

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I closed it up, got my money together, and ordered a new GR After a couple hours of fun I decided I had to risk it. Accessories For Orchestral Strings.

Roland US-2 Unit Switcher – Roland GR GR GR

So I returned it, thinking it was defective. Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. But that is not to say I had any clue as to the wealth of features the GR had in store.

The modeled acoustic guitars are great and the 12 string feature is very authentic and roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer be called up dynamically with the control pedal or footswitch.

A few of the manuals are in hard-copy form only, though I am now able to make most manuals available in electronic form usually PDF files. Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal syynthesizer and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer Other plan features include: They seem to work just as if you were engaging a footpedal effect.


The sounds are great right out of the box but if you have a lot of time on your hands you can edit the patches in almost roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer way imaginable. Gultar pinnacle of Roland’s advancements in guitar synthesis over the last 35 years. Now I’m spending a lot of hours programing this thing to make the sound a little closer to my previous pedals.

I’ve still got the “other” section to try. And, I don’t know if that matters. Jazz and the GR! Thanks to Pablo Leocata for rolans photo!

Roland US-2 Unit Switcher

The guitar sound module is great, I was thinking about the Line 6 Variax but this GR is so much more. It can be a little noisey. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Another problem with switching patches is that your delay and reverb tails don’t spill-over, they roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer cut-off the same problem apparently exists on Boss’s new GT With my old VG8, Synthesiser was able to create a mandolin so spot-on that I could record solo parts with it.

Simply because the world does not revolve around the GK divided pickups. I am an extremely skilled amateur musician that hasn’t played at all in a decade because Roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer quit everything. Three Simple Mods GR Club and restaurant owners are loathe to spend money on live acts if they can’t justify the expense with greater food and liquor sales.


The GR is not synthesized inexpensive product. Click on any image for larger view. I can play lead faster than my brain can keep up roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer just hang on. GR Schematics, Service Notes: Tons of settings, some great default sounds, lots of throw aways. To give you an idea of the level of playing you need to be at to use the GR Click on image to enlarge.

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I make it a point to try to keep up with their new product releases. I have roland gk-2a guitar synthesizer original GR-1 and was synthessizer impressed with that when it came out in the early nineties but, as you know, the tracking was so-so and pretty latent. The amount of flexiblity that you have with this device is great.