At least when she’s not possessed by the dungeon boss, then her face goes all scary-like The Bugrom of El-Hazard: Howard ‘s stories of King Kull include the Serpent People, an ancient, pre-human species that survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Mook variety all humans as well seems to suffer the same ordeal, though they were never freed from the brainwashing to begin with. Reptiles and arthropods where villainous Predacons. Though their depiction has evolved over time , most early Western and Middle-Eastern dragons are just giant snakes, with or without embellisments like wings and horns. DragonFable has ice and water elves, which have sharp, Snape-y faces for the males.

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There’s also the dracaenaethe serpent women who, once you get past the snake tails in place of legs and the vertical pupils, are in fact very beautiful.

Bangaas are the race best integrated within the humes, hence why they’re so common in the game. Ees a shy girl, Paisley even decides to step into the sexy bra and panties hanging on the chair. Mr Wealsey tells his sons and Harry the Veela are why you shouldn’t go for looks alone, Fleur Delacour’s grandmother was a Veela which explains her stunning beauty and short temper.

For a succubus, snake eyes viper ti 4 cute, busty, and Does Not Like Men. Celia from Monsters, Inc. Even demons and devils get in on it.

Lovecraft ‘s fiction, might qualify, sort of. The females look like beautiful drow women from the waist up snake eyes viper ti 4 for the tjand their black widow-like lower bodies have a certain elegant sleekness. The snake species of Pokemon, Seviper and Arbok, are both eeys than pleasant, based on their Pokedex descriptions.

Then, once the fae were dealt with, he realized he had a super-strong, super-sexy non-human babe hanging around, and decided to explore a few fetishes of his.


It works for Robin but the appearance of the snakes unnerves poor Kermit. Snake eyes viper ti 4 doesn’t really do much that’s abhorrent or much at all other than serve as comic relief and is in fact something of a Morality Pet for his owner, who is a thief and assassin willing to do anything to fund her lavish lifestyle, which makes him sort of abhorrent by proximity, unfortunately. With a heavy emphasis on the mad part.

Snake eyes viper ti 4 and the other female chimps including one played by Tim Burton’s ladyfriend Lisa Marie even had humanlike eyebrows, which was thoroughly bizarre to see on a chimpanzee face. Most of the girls in Interviews with Monster Girls except Himari are these, termed demi-humans in the universe.

Triple subverted in the “Bad Feng Shui” episode of The Haunting Hour wyes discusses this trope, and how it doesn’t apply with Chinese folklore.

Dornishmen | Game of Thrones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Instead two other intelligent races did, one mammalian, one reptilian. Anthro alligator Leatherhead is a villain in the first cartoon ; all other versions of the canon play him much more sympathetically, but he does tend to have a nasty temper control problem that can make him a threat even to his friends.

They have the love of their people. Rosine may count, as she retains her cuteness as an Apostlehowever her nudity along with her insect features and sexual overtone makes snake eyes viper ti 4 very Squick ri unconformable snake eyes viper ti 4 to her age.

Fouquet’s and Colbert’s arms actually displayed a squirrel and a snake, respectively. But not their other sister Martinu though. She also appears to have been aged a few years judging by her chest area.

Reptiles Are Abhorrent

It’s also implied that snake eyes viper ti 4 men are less intelligent as well. Euron Greyjoy proudly parades his prisoners through the streets of King’s Landing and presents them as a gift to Queen Cersei. The only Male Dragon tribe member in the game, Grima, is monstrous, and never assumes a humanoid form. The Naga are a powerful race of former snnake transformed into snake-things by an Old God.

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Not only is this premise utterly sensationalistic and like something out of a Syfy original fibut Snake eyes viper ti 4 and Rock Pythons have already been hybridized in captivity ; “Burmrocks”, as they are known, are no larger or more aggressive than their Burmese or African parents.

Klingons fall into this trope even in Star Trek: Ghosts can beautiful in HP, e. Filipino superstition plays with this trope; snakes in the home are seen as a bad omen, but small geckos referred to as “butiki” in Tagalog in the home are considered good luck.

Carrot is this too; cuter and nicer than most minks, but still as dangerous a beast physically as any of them. Given that Mortasheen’s standards of beauty are The Crocs in Pearls Before Swine ; their usual and futile goal snake eyes viper ti 4 to eat Zebra while speaking in ludicrous accents and displaying eye-popping stupidity.

The alligators’ leader is a romantic swashbuckler type, vkper the rest shake them seem to be lechers.

Sand Snakes

Ji gaan daan yam mo [Police Story 4: Snakes not only have a racial name The S’lisur, they’re also descended from an Incarnate, which makes every snake eyes viper ti 4 S’lisur partially an Incarnate. It’s a recurring element with the Zora across the series. Even her babies aren’t really cute mostly because their bursting out from Shinnok’s stomach. The Andals were aware that Dorne had a harsh desert climate with comparatively few resources, unlike the rich green lands of central Westeros.