The configuration follows the minimum of its category and includes only the bare necessities. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The CPU power in the Toshiba, which is not limited in battery mode, is virtually identical with that of other laptops based on the same platform. The scores of the 3DMark The high maximum clock of 3. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

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The author’s palms medium-sized male hands did not fit on the too small wrist rest while typing. The CPU power in the Toshiba, which is not limited in battery mode, is virtually identical with that of other laptops based on the same platform.

Tkshiba Toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 in the review sample fits well in satellit toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 multimedia laptop and would also look good in a swift office computer – but with a screen diagonal of at least 14 inches and of course without a dedicated graphics chip.

Thanks to the sufficiently strong cooling, the surface temperatures remained inconspicuous even during load and were never noticed adversely. Toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 light from the back should be avoided because working is otherwise agonizing. This could be a display error without impact on the real runtime, but it should be mentioned in any c55-a-1n1. This inevitably leads to the feeling that something might be damaged.


It is unusual that the function keys in the uppermost row control functions like brightness and volume when pressed alone. This was not toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 when using an external mouse. The blue FN key has to be pressed additionally to use the assignments as known from other keyboards.

Toshiba could have omitted their labeling in view of their unfavorable positioning. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Except for the glossy toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 surfaces, the Toshiba is quite resistant against fingerprints, which are only noticed in certain lighting conditions. Toshiba Satellite CA-1D5 vs.

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Entertainment sort by value. The DVD drive safellite in the front left area and its eject button is difficult to find. It is not exactly versatile but does a good job sateloite its field and will certainly satisfy buyers who can live with the shortcomings. Memory operations per second. The reason for this is that the speakers cannot render lower frequencies besides the unreasonably toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 mids and trebles.

Toshiba’s Satellite CA-1D5 is no exception. The power supply only just provides the needed power output. PCMark Vantage illustrates a wider spread of scores toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 the three laptops.

Subjectively, we found black quite saturated providing that the ideal vertical viewing angle was found.

The noise level is in the upper midfield of multimedia laptops when full load is induced by a game. Toshiba’s Satellite CA-1D5 belongs to the more power-guzzling members in the field with toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 However, that was not noticed in toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 or movies.


However, it exhibits shortcomings in ergonomics, build and, above all, battery runtime.


This looks the same in 3DMark Vantage. The test leaves us with mixed feelings about Toshiba’s CA-1D5. Toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 configuration follows tosshiba minimum of its category and includes only the bare necessities.

Most interfaces are gathered on the front right. The underside shows the DVD drive, Approximately two hours and toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 minutes were achieved in the little-energy-sapping Wi-Fi test. Most ports are found on the front right side.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE CA-1H1 – Geekbench Browser

The screen’s satsllite outshines the reflections when a building is in the background. Please share our article, every link counts! A trial version of McAfee Internet Security Suite is also installed but it starts to demand toshiba satellite c55-a-1h1 fee-based registration after only a few days, and we therefore replaced it with Microsoft’s Security Essentials for the test.